Our designs are based on a technique developed and shaped over time. We start every project with a deep discovery where we become true partners through a series questions regarding the business, analysis, and competitor research. This comprehensive approach enables us to leverage your business knowledge to create a strong brand and user experience that will engage your traffic and drive conversions.

We move from project discovery to asset collection. We’ll work with you to collect all your assets from logos, business contact information, location photos, product photography and any written content you wish to be incorporated into the website. Should you need photography, we also have a photographer on hand to assist you with those assets.

We then move from discovery to visual design where we work with you to choose a concept and a color palette that accentuates the brand. We go from wireframes to understand site structure and highlight the most important sections of the website where a potential visitor will take a desired action. We’ll then mock up the homepage to make sure we’re completely aligned before we start coding.

Once the design is agreed upon, we’ll begin the development phase where we code the entire site and make sure to QA and test the website across web browsers and devices. We also implement content and search engine optimization strategy at this point.

Lastly, we launch the website and train you so you can fully understand how the backend of the site operates. We’ll then hand over the keys and let you operate the site. Alternatively, we’re also available to maintain the website on a monthly or hourly basis for a nominal fee which we can work out at the end of the project.

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