We pride ourselves in helping our clients meet and exceed their goals, whether it’s increasing their bottom line or increasing awareness. When we take on a new client we work side by side as partners. As partners you can and should consider District Knockout as the marketing leg of your business. We’ll look at your current set up and ask many discovery questions to figure out the business’s baseline in the online space.

With the baseline in hand, we’ll propose a site build out that focuses on your core goal. If you’re a product-based company, we’ll work to improve purchase conversions. If you’re a service company, we’ll work to improve form submissions or phone calls to schedule services.

We’ll optimize existing campaigns by analyzing what is currently driving conversions. We’ll build out sites in an A/B test landing pages and add variables to continually optimize web pages so you’ll convert more customers or clients. We’ll continually measure the impact of the changes by providing candid results along the way.

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